Star Center Theatre, Inc.

Theatre Location

Star Center Theatre

11 NE 23rd Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32609

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How Star Was Born

Rhonda Wilson, since founding the Star Center Children's Theatre 17 years ago, has continued to volunteer her time, energy and her passion to make her vision and dream for youth come true. 

She has been recognized nationally for her service including a Tony Award nomination for Excellence in Theatre Education, Allstate and Tom Joyner National Champion for Good and more.



Rhonda Wilson - Executive Artistic Director/Founder

John Dukes III - President

Brenadette Harper - Vice President

Dale Harris - Secretary

Angela Terrell - Public Relations Officer 

Sebrenah Phillips - Community Outreach Chair

Suzanne Wynn - Facilities & Operations Chair

Karen Bethel - Fundraising Chair



Arzella Louidor & David Smyth - Finance Co-Chairs

Annette Kleckley & Cathyanne Solomon - Event Planning Co-Chairs