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Yesterday Came Too Soon

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Welcome to our stage MaRah Williams in a solo performance, YESTERDAY CAME TOO SOON - The Dorothy Dandridge Story. MaRah is a recent UF Graduate with a Masters of Fine Arts. She’s appeared locally on stage at UF and The Hippodrome. We’re excited to have her appear in the Star Solo series. This is award winning play about Dorothy Dandridge is a fictional telling of Dorothy's last day alive. The play takes place in her backstage dressing room at the Velvet Club in Los Angeles where she comes face to face with her mortality as well as defining moments in her life and career. It is a solo piece that is a challenge for an accomplished actor. The story tells the story that just because one is considered a famous, rich, and beautiful star it doesn't always lead to a filling life.

Performances October 23-November 1st.

Tickets are not yet available.

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